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Glass Screen Digitizer

This is the outer screen that is most commonly damaged, and cracked. On iPhones and iPods 3G and lower/ iPads (All Generations), this part is bought separate from LCD screen For iPhones and iPods 4G and up, This part comes attached to the LCD.

Water Damage

This occurs when the device comes into contact with water. Usually a blueish color will bleed into the screen, indicating water is sustained internally within the device. Screen replacement will be required to fix this issue.

LCD Internal Screen

This screen is located underneath the Glass Screen Digitizer. If you cant see part of, or any of the screen, or it is white, your LCD is damaged. 


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Disabled Device

Device disabled? Need to get inside? No Problem. Hand over your device and get it unlocked!

Lithium Battery

Device wont cut on? Battery goes dead too fast? Device wont charge? You need a battery replacement. 

Home Button

Home button not working? Came Off? Let's fix it. This is the item you need.

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