Repair-A-Pod Terms And Conditions: 

 Repair-A-Pod is exclusively responsible for the repair communication and scheduling of your device. While a device is being repaired, YOUR mobile repair technician is liable for any damage or loss of a device during this time. If you choose to have a Repair-A-Pod associate keep hold of the device for a period of time until it is repaired or until you can pay, we are NOT responsible and charge a $5 fee everyday after the 7th day we have had custody of the device. Repair-A-Pod reserves the right to charge a tax on any transaction deemed necessary.  Please note that all repairs are final. Once currency has been accepted, the repair will be completed. There are no refunds issued unless deemed appropriate by an executive team of Repair-A-Pod staff. Repair-A-Pod does not accept "lay-away" transactions, and anyone who knowingly has a repair done without having an sufficient payment amount at the time of the repair is susceptible to a charge/legal actions. Repair-A-Pod has A seven day policy to have a device returned after repair. If you have not made arrangements during this time to retrieve your item, you will be charged a holding fee of $5 each day after the seventh day.   Repair-A-Pod has a policy in effect that states if the part has been ordered, and you choose to be given the part, instead of having it repaired, you will STILL be charged half of the labor fee. There is a $4 fee when paying in cash for a part to be ordered, and there are no extra charges when paying with credit/debit/online. 

 By using the RepairAPod Service, you agree to these Terms And Conditions.

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